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About Us


The Original Since 1946

We are an Old-fashioned Bra and Shapewear shop that understands the importance of not only quality products but also attentive and expert service. Although old-fashioned in fitting, we have all of the latest Bra and Shapwear styles, as well as some of the old standards of girdles and the like!

We want you to feel comfortable. We are patient and our expanding knowledge allows us to fit the impossible-to-fit with ease. That’s what we do—all day, every day.

Our knowledge and experience is passed down through three generations. Presently, with two generations hard at work, we are not just your Grandma’s store—we fit and understand your body’s changes from your first bra to your wedding, through the joys of retirement! Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority.


So leave your body hang-ups at the door and let us work our magic. You’ll walk out feeling great and looking your best—no surgery required!