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The Fitting Room

It does not exist. A proper fitting takes more than a tape measure and a size just isn’t a size. Undergarments come in all shapes and sizes. Come in and let our experienced fitting specialists find the perfect garments to fit your unique shape. We provide custom alterations to fit your every need.


Problems we love working with include

• Painful underwires
• Straps that just won’t stay up
• Riding up
• The creeping out syndrome (top, bottom, sides, anywhere else they find a way)
• Uneven breast size
• Wrinkled cups
• The uniboob
• Sagging breasts
• All-over lumps and bumps
• Hard-to-find sizes. We have them all!
• Curvature of the spine
• “Everything hurts!”
• Fleshy Tummy
• That sausage look in too-tight clothing...
• Breast surgeries including enhancement, reduction, lumpectomy, and mastectomy
• Abdominal surgeries including tummy tuck, gastric bypass, c-section

Your figure problems are our specialty!