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Owner Marcy Druker is the second generation of Mi-Lady. She has had a number of locations over the years including 5th and Olney, Castor Avenue, and Bell's Corner. Marcy's 47+ years of experience make her the top in her industry. She never needs a tape measure. Her daughter, Sheara, joined the store in 2007, making her the third generation of fitting experts.

What exactly is a corset shop?
Although the idea of an old-fashioned corset (made with whale bones and laces) fell from fashion long ago, the desire to mold and shape a woman's body in order to look more asthetically pleasing never waned. These uncomfortable corsets have since been replaced by  bras shapewear, girdles and corselettes -pretty, long-line strapless bras with light boning.

We call ourselves a Corset Shop because we still rely on the old-fashioned techniques of properly fitting our customers for their desired undergarments. Our expert fitters are not sales girls—they are corsetières. You should leave feeling comfortable and looking great.

Do you carry my size?
We do! Our stock in bras ranges from pre-teen to 56O. Our panties and girdles range from a size 26 to 56. We also have a wide range of sizes in both short and longline strapless garments. Perhaps most importantly, we can alter any garment for a perfect fit!

Do i need an appointment?
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, YES. We are requiring appointments so that we can work with you to provide the excellent and attentive service we have always offered, while being as safe as possible. Please send us a message or call (215)885-BRAS to schedule an appointment.  You must wear a mask for the duration of your time in the store.

We are also happy to help by phone, and via Facetime!

How long should bras and other undergarments last?
This depends entirely on the number of bras in your weekly rotation (we recommend a minimum of 3) and the way you wash and store your undergarments.
Soft-cup bras can be machine-washed with the hooks closed, in a lingerie bag, on gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Molded-cup bras and garments with boning should be hand-washed in a sink, basin, or even the shower. Your undergarments should never see the inside of a dryer.

What about Special Occasion Fittings?
We fit for every special occasion from your very first bra, to your prom and your wedding day! We ask that you bring your special apparel to the store in order to find the perfect undergarments. At the very least, bring photos of the front, back, and sides. Also, we think it's best to bring in your un-altered clothing so that your alterations can be made to fit the undergarments. We welcome your daughter, your mom, your grandmom, and your great-grandmom.

Can you ship to me?
Although we recommend coming in for a proper fitting, we gladly ship to customers all over the world. Just be sure to know the size and style number you are looking for when you shop our online store or call. For international orders, we accept phone orders only.

We are always here for you. Please don't hesitate to give us a call!