Fitting Room
Bras 101
Our talent is understanding your specific surgeries, scars, wants, needs, and emotions. We understand that a breast prosthesis is much more than something to make your breasts look even. A prosthesis' size, weight, and shape should feel natural—feel like you, rather than an extension of you. That takes talent, experience and intuitiveness.
we carry a range of mastectomy products:
• Traditional Weight Silicone Prostheses
• Light-weight Silicone Prostheses
• Leisure Breast Forms
• Partial Forms for Lumpectomy
• Mastectomy Bras
• Camisoles
• Bras to accommodate reconstruction
• Mastectomy Swimwear
…And More!

In addition to the wide range of mastectomy bras that we carry, we also have a seamstress on staff who can sew a pocket into virtually any bra that we carry, leaving you with endless possibilities!

When you leave, there's no doubt that you will feel much more like yourself. That alone is very uplifting.

*We are a participating provider of Medicare through reimbursement. We bill Medicare for you.

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