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Bras 101

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how long should bras and other undergarments last?
This depends entirely on the number of bras in your weekly rotation (we recommend a minimum of 3) and the way you wash and store your undergarments.
Soft-cup bras can be machine-washed in a lingerie bag on gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Molded-cup bras and garments with boning should be hand-washed in a sink, basin, or even the shower. Your undergarments should never see the inside of a dryer.

what about special fittings?
We fit for every special occasion from your very first bra, to your prom and your wedding day! We ask that you bring your special apparel to the store in order to find the perfect undergarments. Also, we think it's best to bring in your un-altered clothing so that your alterations can be made to fit the undergarments. We welcome your daughter, your mom, your grandmom, and your great-grandmom.

can you ship to me?
Although we recommend coming in for a proper fitting, we gladly ship to customers all over the world. Just be sure to know the size and style number you are looking for when you call.

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