Fitting Room
Bras 101
A properly fitted bra helps support breast tissue, improves your posture, and can actually make your body look longer and leaner. A woman’s body is constantly changing. That’s why we recommend coming in for a proper fitting every six months.
Mi-Lady’s Promise: Your days of shopping and schlepping are over. We want you to be comfortable for a change. Let us be your personal shopper.

• A combined 80+ years of experience in personalized fittings
• The largest selection of full-figured and plus size undergarments in the Philadelphia area
• A true understanding of our inventory and how it fits women, both big and small
• Personalized attention to every fitting
• A friendly and comfortable atmosphere
• Custom alterations
• Expert Certified Mastectomy fittings
• We ship to customers all over the world
• We welcome all ages, shapes and sizes
• Accomodations of special needs customers
• One of our most knowledgeable fitters also speaks Russian

Put an end to department store shopping agony in the privacy of your own fitting room. We will bring you the garments to suit your needs without having to find the needle in the hay stack all on your own.


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